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Here I will put links, to my own work, and to other work that I find interesting (please feel free to send me suggestions!)

My book about baba Linka, from Bistritsa:

Listen, Daughter, and Remember Well (Слушай, щерко, и добре запомни), published in 1966 by the Sofia University Press, ISBN 954-07-0765-X.  I have some 50 or 60 copies remaining (available for purchase, see link); the Press, at last count, did not think they had any more copies.  I have plans for a second edition, but no idea when this will happen.

Sound recordings from my fieldwork:

In the 1980s my husband and I made two cassettes, Traditional Song in South-Western Bulgaria, Vol. 1 and 2, with selections from my recordings, and in 1992 Rounder published an album, #1055, Two Girls Started to Sing...

You can negotiate a digital copy of Traditional Song Vol. 1 (and eventually of Vol. 2) from me; but the Rounder album now seems to have virtually disappeared from the Internet.  On this page you can find out about it and hear a short clip of each song.

Map showing where I have recorded:

This map is NOT "finished!" (in that it does not yet include as much information about my work as I would like it to), but the map is complete to the best of my ability, so I am allowing people to see it, because it does give a graphic overview of the body of my work.  You can find it at: Martha Forsyth's Bulgaria recording locations, 1978-present.  I would like to add more pictures, possibly names of the singers, etc... [but Martha...]

Interviews of me about my work:
Other links to share:
  • ZDRAVETS (Boston's friendly neighborhood Bulgarian Band) plays and sings mostly traditional music, mostly from Bulgaria (with occasional forays into Bulgaria's neighbors), for listening and for dancing.  We hold a monthly dance from September through June; you can find the schedule at the link above.