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I have to laugh...was writing to an old friend this morning, describing some of my process of putting together this blog (and my plans for the Archive database that needs to be created, with all my stuff in it, in a way easy to access....and that I really don't yet know how to go about that) and was reminded of my mother—who at a time like this would remind me that I've always been "DEE-ter-minded" (which is how she said I used to pronounce "determined")!

DEE-ter-minded Martha posted texts & translations for the two songs in the previous post, today, 13 Feb.

1 thought on “DEE-ter-minded

  1. Liz Levin

    Don't know if it's more clear, but it's definitely different when the ladies are up dancing. So I guess I'd say yes, the rhythm is more clear.


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